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HD Film Screen Protector for Series 7 (Not tempered Glass)

HD Film Screen Protector for Series 7 (Not tempered Glass)

HD Film Screen Protector for Series 7 (Not tempered Glass)

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Protect the screen of your precious Apple Watch!

The semi-adsorbing positioning film is made of TPU soft film, its used layer is transparent, and the release film is white, which is a film that covers the entire screen. The product has high light transmittance, good oil stain resistance, strong product viscosity, and will not warp edges after filming.

Filming step
1. Tear off the bottom white release film with No. 1 mark,
2. Using the positioning sticker behind the No. 1 label, the film can be accurately positioned repeatedly.
3. After separating the transparent release film at the other end, use a push card to push it flat, and then separate the release film under the positioning paste.
4. Finally, use the No. 2 mark to tear off the protective layer. Smooth the surrounding release film. Finish filming

1. Clean the screen 2. Remove screen dust

3. Tear off the white film of 1 4. Positioning screen

5. Lift release film, Flatten 6. Smooth around

7. Lift another side film, Flatten 8. Smooth around

9. Tear off the white film of 1 10.Smooth around, Finish



It is compatible with all the latest Apple Watch Series 7. To confirm your watch size, just check the backside of your watch. You can find the correct size from any of 45mm  41mm. 

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Apple watches need a tight and stretchy fit to keep the heart rate monitor and other body readouts functioning. This strap fits great - assuming you measure well and order right! I love the tight braided web, too. It keeps its shape and stays elastic even after you slip it over your hand and onto your wrist. It's a clean fit with no buckles or Velcro attachments. Only drawback: I may have to order another color or two.


Cool band, breathable, and stretchy. The band does pick up particles like lint and stuff but besides that it’s a comfortable band


I purchased the Apple solo band and had trouble getting the right size even with their measuring tool. They are about a month behind and was frustrated I wouldn’t get the right size until December. I looked on google and found this band here. I am amazed at how great the quality is for more than half off. I paid $54 for the Apple and this is almost exactly the same.


Absolutely love this band! I haven’t taken it off since I bought it except to charge my watch! It’s truly black, and comfortable to wear and doesn’t make my wrist sweat. I’d totally buy from this seller again. Extremely happy with my purchase.

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