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Cool Apple Watch Bands You Cannot Miss Out On

cool apple watch bands

Have you grown tired of seeing the typical sport bands designs? Many have become stereotypically bland and instantly recognizable. Finding something new and exciting has become quite difficult nowadays; however, Trendy Straps has exactly what you are looking for.

Nike Sport Bands have become some of the most sought after products in the technology industry, so Trendy Straps has brought to you high quality bands that have characteristics you would be a fool to miss out on, including:


Branded replacement bands can be quite expensive and not many people have the money to spend on them. However, Trendy Straps has great alternatives for a fraction of the cost.  The cost efficiency provides a great value for the money that you pay. Their affordable watch bands have all of the same features you can find in other smartwatch bands and more!

Variety of Colours

One of the biggest problems customers find when buying sport bands is that there is a lack of colour variety. The colours that can be found are usually bland, including typical greys, blacks, whites and metallic shades. However, Trendy Straps has a variety of colours for you to choose from, including teal, orange, navy blue, etc. The replacement straps are even available in dual tones. These cool Apple watch bands are trendy and you can easily stand out with your unique band.

Variety of Designs

There are a variety of band materials also available, including the following:

Silicon Solo Loop

 silicon solo loop apple watch bands

The silicon solo loop is a classic design and very easy to clean. The comfort of this band takes it to the next level.

Nylon Sport Loop

Apple Watch Sport Loop

Anyone looking for a convenient strap that is easy to put on, the nylon sport loop is the strap for you.

Milanese Loop

milanese loop bands for apple watch

The Milanese loop is textured and highly fashionable. This loop is a great option for business professionals and it goes well with formal attire.

Nylon Braided Solo Loop

The nylon braided solo loop is the best choice for anyone looking for an intricate and different design for their watch.

apple watch braided solo loop


Double Tour Leather

Double tour leather straps have a trendy look with a modern buckle to accompany the high quality leather of the strap.

Leather Link Strap

leather link apple watch bands

Leather link straps ensure the greatest comfort and a distinct design that sets them apart from the typical strap designs.

Different Sizes

One of the best parts of Trendy Straps is that you can find the watch replacement straps in any size. The variety of sizes makes it easier to find what suits you the most. Finding a watch band that would fit your wrist and look good at the same time can be challenging, especially considering how most brands only provide a limited number of sizes.

Long Lasting

Trendy Straps has cool apple watch bands that will last you a longer time than other brands. The focus on affordable quality and excellent durability makes these straps worth their cost. These straps do not lose their shape easily and they are very easy to clean, especially when compared to other branded replacement straps.

Available Online

Trendy Straps understands how difficult it can be to find a good replacement strap for your smartwatch and this is why these straps are easily available for purchase online. You can peruse the website and get an idea of what you want from the high quality pictures of the products. Shopping online for a replacement band can be difficult, but you are guaranteed to get exactly what you see in the picture, with the size option you choose.


As these straps are made with high quality material, the comfort you would feel when wearing them is unmatched by any other. You would be able to wear these straps without any skin irritation as they are soft and pliable when worn. You can get the same level of comfort no matter what the material of your strap is.


Trendy Straps has a variety of colours and designs available for purchase and this is what makes their straps and options unique. Not many strap sellers have such a wide range of products available. Trendy Straps has dedicated itself to delivering what most watch owners are constantly on the hunt for – watch straps that can show off their personalities.

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