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Scrunchie Strap 20mm and 22mm

$16.99 $27.99
यूनिट मूल्य  के लिये 

Scrunchie Strap 20mm and 22mm

$16.99 $27.99
यूनिट मूल्य  के लिये 

The cutest band ever! 

Our fabulous Scrunchie Watch Band! Made from a blend of premium cotton, polyester, and stainless steel, this accessory is both stylish and durable. With a relaxed length of approximately 15.3cm, it offers a slightly looser fit for those with smaller wrists. Crafted with thick elastic, it ensures a comfortable and secure grip on your wrist. Not limited to watches, it can also be used as a trendy keychain or hair tie. With a range of classic prints to choose from, this Scrunchie Watch Band is the perfect way to add a touch of elegance to any outfit.


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Wrist size and compatibility

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20mm and 22mm watch size guide

20mm and 22mm watch band sizes

Package Includes

1* Band