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Hole Puncher for Watch Bands and Belts

Hole Puncher for Watch Bands and Belts

Hole Puncher for Watch Bands and Belts

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A Tool That Brings a Smile

With our Hole Punch Set, creating professional round holes can be done easily and effectively. A job that used to take several minutes with sub-par results, can now be done within seconds with great results.

Multiple uses. 6 hole sizes. Great for crafts, hobbyist, DIY. The extra-large punch plate enables better stability and more control when punching through leather, plastic, canvas, cardboard, rubber, polyurethane, fabrics, silk, and many other materials.


Instructions for use:

1. Mark the desired location where the hole will be made.

2. Release the clasp from the handles.

3. Choose your hole size by firmly rotating the wheel until it locks in place. Note the arrow on the wheel.

4. Place and align the material on the punch plate and squeeze the handles together with a firm grip till the punch pierces through.

5. Release the handles to reveal your neat hole.

6. To store your Hole Puncher push the clasp over the handle.


Note:- This item will be shipped from our Overseas Warehouse, it might take 7-15 business days to be delivered.

Type 2, a simple one :

Type 3,


Type4 :

Pls note: this one use for thepaper holeNot the Leather

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Akeem Osinski

If I say for sure, the parcel arrived in 14 days here in New York, but this is not a problem, the most important thing is that the punch is of very good quality, there are no breakages anywhere. Satisfied and recommend buying from Trendy Straps

Rod Beer

Delivered in 12 days here in Texas

Augusta Brekke

Finally got a really important tool for the house. Quite often you have to make additional holes in the straps and with this tool the whole process occurs in seconds. Simple, fast and high quality. On the site there are cheaper analogs, but there the mechanism is easier, as a result, they have to make much more effort. With these, even a fragile girl will cope. In general, definitely the tool of their money is worth!

Kaycee Abernathy

Excellent Avenue

Madisen Dicki

Perfect! Thank you

What our customer says!!

Apple watches need a tight and stretchy fit to keep the heart rate monitor and other body readouts functioning. This strap fits great - assuming you measure well and order right! I love the tight braided web, too. It keeps its shape and stays elastic even after you slip it over your hand and onto your wrist. It's a clean fit with no buckles or Velcro attachments. Only drawback: I may have to order another color or two.


Cool band, breathable, and stretchy. The band does pick up particles like lint and stuff but besides that it’s a comfortable band


I purchased the Apple solo band and had trouble getting the right size even with their measuring tool. They are about a month behind and was frustrated I wouldn’t get the right size until December. I looked on google and found this band here. I am amazed at how great the quality is for more than half off. I paid $54 for the Apple and this is almost exactly the same.


Absolutely love this band! I haven’t taken it off since I bought it except to charge my watch! It’s truly black, and comfortable to wear and doesn’t make my wrist sweat. I’d totally buy from this seller again. Extremely happy with my purchase.

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